To make EVYAPPORT a global Turkish port leading in quality and technology which is aware of its responsibilities to environment, society, its customers and its employees, it is the task of all of us as EVYAPPORT employees to support the realization of the responsibilities specified below by providing trainings to our employees and subcontractors.

• To continuously progress our service quality and the security of the workplace environment by using the natural sources optimally and by protecting employees' health;

• To ensure a sustainable internal and external customer satisfaction by fulfilling customer needs and expectations with the participation of employees and related parties whose awareness have been raised through effective management, communication and training;

• To contribute to happiness of the society and minimize the risks related to occupational diseases,injuries and material damages by complying with national and international legislations and legal regulations related to environment, Work Health and Safety, and the sector itself;

• To provide healthy and safe working conditions and environment, and create a more satisfactory environment for employees using the data collected through employee satisfaction surveys;

• To assure resources to address customer complaints in a manner to procure effective and sustainable solutions;

• To protect our world and environment, reduce the risks and wastes at source, share the works we have performed for the sake of reusing or recycling with our customers, suppliers and the society.

• It is duty to support all duties with training of employees and suppliers.

• To take precautions to hand down our natural richness to the next generations, to prevent pollution,to ensure continuous development and sustainable improvement are the principles that we will never relinquish as the indemnity for the future.


Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction, supported with technological infrastructure which improved by people who creates the difference, by high qualified and customer-oriented service,sensitivity to environment, to society and to our partners.


To be a global and leading Turkish port by providing quality in services, offering competitive strategies to customers and contribute to people's happiness and Turkey's economy.


• Virtuousness and honesty
• Customer oriented
• High performance
• Responsible to society, environment and business partners
• Care about our employees and being fair to them, trust them and help them to improve
• Perfectionism

Environmental Policy of EVYAPPORT is created to determine basic principles of Environmental Management System.EVYAPPORT aimed to ensure sustainable development and minimizing the negative effects to environment in all work processes in its Environmental Policy.

According to aim of Environmental Policy, below actions are duty of all of us as Evyapport employees;

• To assure implementation, supervision, continuous improvement of Environmental Management System and fulfill the obligations occurred from national and international legislations,

• To make studies on preventing environmental pollution in touch with technological developments, to reduce waste at source, to promote waste recovery in line with the defined objectives and to renovate work processes in order to promote recycling, to dispose or make disposed the non-recyclable wastes without harming to the environment,

• Perform activities to announce our Environmental Policy to our customers, our suppliers, our employees, non-governmental organizations, to organize practices for prevention of environmental pollution of the sea and contribute to promote environmental awareness,

• Make continuous improvements against global warming and CO2 emission by using the energy resources more efficient, to improve protection methods for natural resources such as energy and water,

• Make analysis on effects of our operations to environment for to bequeath a healthy and clean environment to future generations, to determine goals and objectives for reducing usage of resource, to check our environmental protection performance regularly and share with the public.


EVYAPPORT completed studies on Integrated Management Systems that initiated to improve processes which affect the company's success and quality of service. By the complement of Integrated Management Systems requirements, EVYAPPORT became the only Turkish port in Turkey which have ISO 10002 (Customer satisfaction, Complaints), ISO 9001(Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) certificates simultaneously.


Evyapport started the Journey to Excellence by 4 Star award from EFQM.
Being a leading company in port industry has brought EVYAPPORT the 4 Star in category of Competence in Excellence by EFQM.

Green Port Award

Evyapport is the first port in the Turkey that have "Green Port" title.
Evyapport has been named as "Green Port" by Economy Journalists Association as a result of its environmental friendly approach.